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Welcome to Legacy CPA

Legacy CPA is a full-service public accounting firm centered on what we term “relationship accounting.” There is a trust built between our experienced advisors and our valued clients. Our services include tax planning and compliance along with full-scale business and financial management. Please take a moment to review the many services offered by our firm by selecting your position above. We trust you will discover that our experienced advisors have the expertise which will allow you to create and ensure your financial legacy.

Our Firm Values and Objectives

Relationships. As a firm, we are tremendously proud of the longstanding relationships that we share with our treasured clients. Building relationships with our clients is not only incredibly fulfilling for our team, but also drives our success as a CPA firm. Our goal is to exceed your expectations for communication and service so that we may build and sustain a life-long relationship with you.

Partnerships. Our advisors wish to partner with you to help you create a sound legacy that reflects your values. For some of our clients, creating a legacy translates into a successful business plan that can be sustained for generations to come; other clients pursue our other services such as personal estate planning, tax planning, and administrative and bookkeeping support. Whatever your accounting needs, allow us to support you so you can fulfill your goals.

Consulting. The Advisors at Legacy CPA understand that our clients desire wise and comprehensive counsel. Whether you are a small business owner, a partner or sole proprieter, or a farm or ranch owner, we promise to take the time to listen to you and provide you with information that is customized to your situation.

Teaching. Legacy CPA can educate you on the various accounting and financial processes that will maximize the efficiency and productivity of your operation. Allow us to instruct you so that you have the tools to lead a successful business, farm or ranch, or practice.